Yoga for Calm

You get a group of people together - male, female, young, and not-so-young. Anyone who wants to give yoga a try.


How does it work?

Yoga in the Workplace

Having taught yoga at the University in Wolverhampton for several years, I know the benefit of yoga for staff health and wellbeing.


It helps to reduce stress, relieves back pain and can create a more positive attitude.


Why not give it a try at your next staff-development event?


See what people say about their sessions.

The session can be fitted in to a lunchtime, and attendees won’t even need to change, so long as they wear something they can move in. They won’t get hot and sweaty!

We’ll do some gentle stretching, some yoga postures, mindful breathing and a relaxation to ease away stress and tension.

You provide a room with chairs and enough space to stand and move in front of the chairs. No need for mats.

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it” Sydney J. Harris

I work in the Wolverhampton area, so if you’re interested, contact me for rates, availability and to discuss further - Sue on 07787 338985.